Heize, 'I Don't Lie' track video release

  • 이소연 |2022.06.21 22:19
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Heize will show another proven synergy with Giriboy whiich is the 4th collaboration. 

P NATION released the teaser image for the 3rd track 'I Don't Lie (Feat. Giriboy)' of Heize's second full album 'Undo' through the official SNS at 3 pm and 6 pm on the 21st. 

First, the teaser image contains four two-shot photos of Heize and Giriboy. The chemistry between the two people who show a forceful expression while posing playfully towards each other is also well expressed in visuals following the music.

Heize and Giriboy have worked together in songs such as Giriboy's 'Traffic (Feat. Heize)', 'Acting (With Heize)', and Heize's 'We don't talk together (Feat. Giriboy) (Prod. SUGA)'. As all three songs were loved by music fans and showed their presence on the charts, the musical compatibility between the two has already earned enough listeners' trust.

This time, you can meet their synergy once again in 'I Don't Lie', a song from Heize's 2nd regular album. Expectations are also high for the new emotions of Heize and Giriboy, who have become more mature in the two years since ‘Acting’.

The track video contains Heize's dense emotional acting. Then, a part of Giriboy's rap part, "I wouldn't believe that a bad guy who eats a lie says he's sorry" flows out and catches the ears.

Heize, who announced a well-made album with the track video of 'I Don't Lie' released on the day following the 2nd track 'Maybe we (Feat. George)' the day before, will release teasers for a total of 10 songs sequentially. .

Heize's second full-length album 'Undo' will be released through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 30th.

Written by Lee Deok Haeng
Translated by Lee So Yun

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