ONEUS Released their 7th mini album today

  • 이소연 |2022.05.17 15:53
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The group ONEUS returns with 'TRICKSTER', which will dominate the music industry.

Oneus (RAVN, Seoho, Ido, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Sion) released their 7th mini album 'TRICKSTER', including the title song 'Bring it on', through various music sites at 6 pm on the 17th. 

Oneus' new mini-album 'TRICKSTER' refers to those who overturn the ending with just one hand, and contains the message that 'one choice can reach a turning point in life' in a world of continuous choices.

This album presents an expanded view of the world as a connection line of the first full-length album 'DEVIL' released in January 2021. If the 'DEVIL' album conveyed the message 'Do whatever you really want', this time no matter what choice you make, you reach the hopeful conclusion that 'We are all protagonists who deserve a happy ending'.

The title song 'Bring it on' is a song that melts the Drill and Trap genres on a strong brass line. The rough rapping and delicate verses instill tension, and the action-packed development towards the second half is impressive.

Inner Child (Mono Tree), including RBW's producers Sang-ho Lee and Yong-bae Seo, led by Kim Do-hoon, who are best hit producers in Korea, joined together, and member Raven participated in writing the lyrics to improve the perfection.

In the music video to be released together, ONEUS is constantly at a crossroads of choice as they participate in the 'Choice Game'. In a mysterious mood full of tension, ONEUS presents a unique powerful performance and flawless group dance.

In addition to this, the first track 'Intro: Who Got the Joker?', which compares the Joker's hand to reverse the unfavorable situation at once, the rock-based teenage pop 'Skydivin' with its refreshing charm, and a hybrid genre with a funky sound added to the hip-hop track. 'Firebomb', 'Fragile' in the hip-hop genre with R&B, and 'Mr. Wolf' and the English version of the title song 'Bring it on', it contains a total of 7 tracks of colorful music.

ONEUS has earned the nickname 'stage genius' with a solid worldview with a story for each album they release, performance ability that brings out the taste of music, and colorful facial expressions.

This time, like the album name 'TRICKSTER', it is scrambled for a 'K-Pop Hidden Card' that will conquer the music industry, foretelling the unstoppable and ambitious charm that runs towards the end. Based on solid teamwork, the group plans to capture the hearts of global fans with an upgraded performance and an all-time worldview.

Written by Gong Mina
Translated by Lee So Yun

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