P-Nation's first boy group TNX Debut Today

  • 이소연 |2022.05.17 14:41
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TNX, the first boy group of P NATION, led by singer Psy, emerged with a different class.

TNX is taking its first steps in the music industry by releasing their first mini album 'WAY UP' through an online music site before 6 pm on the 17th.

'WAY UP' is an album that expresses the will to fresh and colorful music that TNX will pursue with six colors of emotion and strength. The story of growth following challenges and overcoming is drawn on five tracks composed of various musical styles, proving the wide musical spectrum from the start.

The title song 'Move' was composed by P-Nation's musician PENOMECO and 'Gangnam Style' composer Yoo Gun-hyung. The combination of lead synths and sensuous sounds from orchestra to brass blends exquisitely with dynamic arrangement and trendy beats, giving TNX's identity an explosive color.

In addition, 'WE ON', which boldly opened the first door of the debut album and filled with unstoppable aspirations, '180 Seconds', the ultimate king of excitement that was shown once in a live broadcast of SBS 'LOUD: Loud', are mysterious as the colorful appearance of the six members of TNX. A total of five tracks fill 'WAY UP', from the charming 'already' to the 'small song' that provides comfort with warm acoustic sound.

Among them, member Eunhwi participated in writing, composing, and arranging the lyrics for 'WE ON' and 'A Little Song', while Woo Kyung-Jun and Chun Jun-Hyeok were also listed as lyricists in the 'WE ON' credit, giving TNX a strong power in its first debut. 

As members are prepared with visuals as well as musical capabilities ranging from rap to vocals and performances, there is a high interest in the unique narrative and high-quality musical synergy that will be unfolded through 'WAY UP'.

TNX is a six-member group consisting of Choi Tae-Hoon, Woo Kyung-Jun, Jang Hyeon-Soo, Chun Jun-Hyeok, Eun-Hwi, and Oh Seong-Jun, who were selected as the final debut group of P-Nation in the boy group project 'LOUD: Loud' that aired on SBS last year.

It contains the meaning of The New Six, the new six people who will grow up by challenging and overcoming with the same generation with a performance that coexists with strength and emotion.

Many people are looking forward to the explosive performance that TNX, which showed a dynamic and overwhelming identity through their debut promotions, will show along with their debut and the musical move that will overturn the game of 4th generation idols.

Written by Yoon Sang Geun
Translated by Lee So Yun

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