BTS V Fan Help Palestinian refugees

  • 이소연 |2021.05.13 15:33
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BTS' fans from all over the world participate in the donation process for 'helping Palestinian refugees'

Fans of BTS V joined the donation to help refugees in Gaza.

Amid rising tensions in Palestine, fans of V around the world are actively acting for those in need by donating to organizations that support daily necessities and medical supplies.

V's fan page 'sceneryfortae' is donated to 'iF Charity', an organization that helps Palestinian families. 

Also 'TAEHYUNG USA', 'Kindness4Tae', 'BTS V Australia' donated to Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) and 'UPA', an organization that provides medical care and humanitarian aid, hoping to help children.

Written by Mun Wan Sik
Translated by Lee So Yun

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