Black Pink Lisa Becomes Donation Fairy

  • 이소연 |2021.04.30 17:00
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Black Pink Lisa became a donation fairy for 'Choi Aedol'(My Favorite Idol) on the 8800th day of her birth.

On the 8800th day of the birth of girl group BLACKPINK's Lisa (LISA), she became a donation fairy of 'Choi Aedol'.

Lisa was selected as the 150th Donation Fairy by receiving 57 million 2,466 votes from the idol ranking service'Choi Ae-dol' on April 29. This is the 8800th day after Lisa was born.

'Choi Aedol' converts the cumulative rankings over the past 30 days to make a donation angel, and selects and make a donation when he/she gets the first place, achieving 55,555,000 or more votes on various anniversaries.

Lisa has been selected as a donation angel eight times and seven donation fairies so far, achieving a total of 15 times and a cumulative donation of 7.5 million won. Donations to be delivered to the Milal Welfare Foundation in the name of Lisa are used as medical expenses for low-income disabled infants. The total cumulative donation amount of 'Choi Ae-dol' amounts to 224 million won.

Written by Mun Wan Sik
Translated by Lee So Yun

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