Spotify Focus on Korean Jazz

  • 이소연 |2021.04.27 13:42
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Spotify launches'Jazzy Korea' playlist to celebrate World Jazz Day

'Spotify', the world's largest audio source streaming platform, launched'Jazzy Korea', a playlist that curates and introduces various new Korean jazz music in commemoration of the upcoming'International Jazz Day'. .

UNESCO has designated April 30 every year as 'World Jazz Day' to promote the value of jazz, which has a creative driving force. 'World Jazz Day' has reached its 10th year this year.

Jazzy Korea showcases various domestic jazz artists and music, including various latest jazz releases in Korea. In particular, as Jazzy Korea playlists have been added to th'K-Pop Hub', which Spotify listeners around the world use to listen to Korean music, a variety of new jazz artists and music from Korea can be made easier with Spotify listeners around the world, including Korea.

As the first artist to decorate the Jazzy Korea playlist cover image, the jazz band 'Saseon', who released the EP album on the 22nd. The band said that "As a Korean jazz artist, the launch of Jazzy Korea is really good news." 

In addition, Spotify released additional information related to jazz in time with the launch of the Jazzy Korea playlist and 'World Jazz Day'. Over the past year, Korean jazz artist Yoon-sun Na and foreign artist Frank Sinatra recorded the most number of streams in the world. The most streamed jazz artist in Korea was Chet Baker.

Written by Kim Soo Jin
Translated by Lee So Yun

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