V Dominates iTunes Chart

  • 이소연 |2021.03.03 02:11
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BTS V's solo songs dominate the iTunes charts, captivating music fans all over the world, and boasting the greatest sound source power.

'Sweet Night', which ranked No. 1 on iTunes in 117 countries, which is the record among one of the youngest artists in the world and the record is still unbreakable.

‘Sweet Night’, which V wrote, composed and sang, was highly praised by TIME magazine for V's deep voice as a song that blended emotional lyrics with warm melody, and for his ability as a vocal, lyricist, and composer.

'Inner Child' took the top spot on iTunes in 95 countries. 'Inner Child' is a British rock genre with a strong and refreshing high-pitched tone. It was selected as the key track for the album by the music media 'NME', and is expected to become a K-pop classic within a few years.

‘Singularity’ is a song that ranked No. 1 on iTunes in 45 countries, and drew a stroke in V’s vocal capabilities. Composer Charlie Perry praised the song with a simple chord, where the vocalist's competence was important, so perfectly.

In addition, this song was selected as'Best Song of 2018' by the New York Times in the United States,'Best Track in 2018' by the British Guardian, and 11 hit songs by Billboard, and received high praise from the critics.

Written by Mun Wan Sik
Translated by Lee So Yun

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