Kim Hee Ae In Comfort Women Movie

  • 이소연 |2018.06.08 17:21
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Kim Hee-ae says that her new movie 'Her Story' is more appealing as the it was based on a real story. 

On 7th, the press premiere of 'Her story', directed by Min Kyu-dong, was held at Lotte Cinema at Kundae Station, Seoul. 

Kim Hye-ae, played the role of headmaster Moon Jeong-suk who led the prosecutor's office in order to get the compensation and apology from Japanese government, said that "I felt it more attractive because of the story of those who existed, so I wanted to do more. But after I started it, it was a burdensome work".

Kim Hee-ae said, "I have to do my best to look alike. So, I cut my hair and wore glasses.  I was heard to put on about 10 kg, so I gained weight not as much as that,  but I tried." 

Based on real-life historical events, “Her Story” explores the story of Korean women who traveled back and forth from their homes to Shimonoseki, Japan for 6 year to fight against Japanese government. 

Written by Kim Hyeon Rok
Translated by Lee So Yun

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