Seolhyun, Lizzy, Hwa-Young, Gain, and Yoon Eun-Hae.Jumping into the acting

  • Kim Hyun Rok |2015.01.16 12:36
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Starting from the top left and going clockwise: ‘Seolhyun’, ‘Yoon Eun-Hae’, ‘Gain’, ‘Hwa-Young’ and ‘Lizzy’ / Photo = ‘Star News’


The screen of January is filled with characterful female supporting casts who are aiming for a scene stealer. Although they have different character roles and importance in the movie, their former occupations are the same. They were idol singers. However, they decided to melt into the characters and into the movie, so the viewers hardly think of their times as a member of girl groups.


‘Seolhyun’ from ‘AOA’ had a debut through director ‘Yoo Ha’s’ movie [GangNam 1970]. She played the role of ‘Sun-Hye’, the lovely sister of the main character, ‘Jong-Dae’. ‘Lee Min-Ho’ played the role of ‘Jong-Dae’ in that movie. Meanwhile, ‘Lizzy’ showed her genial and charming character in the movie. ‘Lizzy’, the Busan girl who has been showing her lively charms while participating ‘After School’ and ‘Orange Caramel’, did her bit as a prickly supporting cast in director ‘Park Jin-Pyo’s’ movie [Today's Love].


‘Hwa-Young’, who is a former member of girl group ‘T-ARA’, declared her transformation into an actress and knocked on the door of the same movie. She appeared as an attractive girl in the movie and kept time with ‘Lee Seung-Ki’, the clumsy young man. In this area, ‘Yoon Eun-Hae’ can surely be said to be the one with the highest seniority. She started her acting career with the drama, [The Palace] in 2006 and has held her place as an actress for 10 years. She recently came back on the screen with a movie [Chronicle Of A Blood Merchant] after three years’ absence.


Reporter : Kim Hyun-Rok
Translator : Cho Ah-Ra

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