god Comes Back in Style, Wraps Up Successful Concert for the First Time in 12 Years

  • Yun Seong Yeol |2014.07.15 06:34
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(god/ Photo provided by Choi Bu-seok reporter)

5 member male group ‘god’, who reunited after 12 years, opened up their debut 15th anniversary concert ‘god 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert.’


After fabulous stage lighting and fire works, ‘god’ appeared in the stage which made the audiences to shout and cheer. god began their concert by singing [The Lone Duckling], a track that is included in recent released album [Chapter 8]. The performance continued by making 100 choir people singing hit song [Road] together.


When the song [Road] ended, ‘Son Ho-young’ stood solely and told to the fans “Miracle happened to our lives. And the miracle was made by all of you here.” With that, they sang ’0%’ together.


‘god’, who enjoyed huge popularity during the times between late 1990s and early 2000s, were loved because of their convenient music and emotions that surpassed all generations. Rather than fancy performances, god communicated with the fans by being friendly and kind to the fans.



(god’s Son Ho-young (left) and Danny Ahn / Photo provided by Choi Bu-seok)

Every moment was touching and exciting. As the melodies of famous hit songs flowed out, nostalgia occured to all fans and they began to sing together with god. Each members’ still talented choreography, singing skills, and rap skills were also impressive.


In the middle of the concert, ‘Yoon Gae-sang’ revealed “I am so touched that I can’t feel anything. I am so happy.” ‘Park Jun-hyung’ said “I injured my waist during the long break and I once was a melancholiac. But because of you guys, I cheered up and I am most thankful for that. Me and ‘Gae-sang’ cried hard at the back of the stage.”


The concert took place for 2 hours and parades of hit songs like [Friday Night], [Observation], [Sorrow], [Love and Remember], [I Don't Know], [Why], [Again], [To Mother], [Lies], [I Need You], [Place Where You Need To Be], [One Candle], [Sky Blue Balloon], [Ordinary Day] were presented. The recent new hot songs like [Saturday Night], [Sky Blue Promise], and [The Story of Our Lives] were performed too.




(Photo provided by Choi Bu-seok)


Numerous stage devices were entertaining too. By using the broad outdoor spaces, splendid fire works and water show were showed during the performances and dramatic opening video of 15 years memory were played. Diverse effects toom place in the stages to make the concert better.


The encore song this day was [Sky Blue Balloon]. All 14 thousand fans sang the song together and shook sky blue balloons or luminous sticks. It was a hear-warming moment of all fans and god going back to the times of 12 years before from now.


All members, who endured the touching situation, began to cry when ‘Yoon Gae-sang’s video letter was showed. Through the video, ‘Yoon Gae-sang’ showed his thankfulness to god’s members by saying “I am so thankful since you guys brought me back as god once again.” When the video ended, god couldn’t hold back their emotions and embraced all together, crying.


‘Kim Tae-woo’ told “Only us 5 know how hard it was to be standing here right now. I truly thank ‘Gae-sang’ for making hard decision. I also thank the fans for accepting us god again without any reasons.”


To continue this atmosphere, the version of ‘Yoon Gae-sang’ included [Ordinary people] was presented. ‘Yoon Gae-sang’ left god in 2002 after official 5th album. ‘Kim Tae-woo’ told “The song became perfect because ‘Gae-sang’ added his voice this year.” The new version of ‘Yoon Gae-sang’ included [Ordinary People] is contained in recent released album [Chapter 8].


Meanwhile god is going to open a concert in July 13th at the same place and will go on to 5 city tour of Gwang-ju, Busan, Dae-goo, Dae-jeon, and Seoul. The total number of concert will be 10 times.


Previously god released official 8th album [Chapter 8] and its title song [The Story of Our Lives] gained hot attention by dominating Korea’s main music sites.


It has been 9 years since god released their new album which was after ‘Yoon Gae-sang’ left, and made official 7th album [In To the Sky]. In fact, 12 years have passed since all 5 original members reunited properly. The last time they performed together was 2002′s 5th album [Chapter 5].


During the news conference that celebrated god’s concert opening, member ‘Yoon Gae-sang’ told “There are rumors about us making recent album for just recollection but that is not it. All things that members discussed and modified are contained it that album. I think it is impossible for us to separate again. From now on, we will try to protect the name of god as we do our personal works too.”





Reporter: Yoon Sung-yul
Translator: Yoon Pyung-hae
Chief Editor: Son Ji-ho

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