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Sistar ranks at the top on M-Countdown, saying, “We’ll never let you down”

  • Yoon Sang Guen |입력 : 2013.06.21 10:30|조회 : 1814
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The girl group Sistar recently ranked first on M-Countdown for the first time since they released their latest new material. On the June 20 live broadcast, the girl group’s new song “Give It to Me” competed with MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl” for first place and won.

Sistar’s members have expressed their feelings on taking first place: Soyou says, “I’m so happy to take first place. I never expected it. We’ll do our best not to let you down.” Bora says, “I especially appreciate our agency family’s great support.” Hyorin adds, “We’ll work even harder in the future.”

The song “Give It to Me,” written by Sidekick and arranged by Kim Doo Hoon, expresses a woman’s heartbreak after being hurt by love.

Artists who performed on the show included MLBAQ, EXO, After School, Ivy, Henry, Rainbow, Kim Ye Rim, Nine Muses, Sunny Hill, Nell, Beak Ah Hyun, LED Apple, BTS, and 2Eyes.

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