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Shinhwa release their 11th studio album on May 16

  • Kil Hye Sung |입력 : 2013.05.02 07:00|조회 : 1499
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According to an announcement on May 2 by the group’s agency, the Shinhwa Company, Shinhwa (Eric, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Jun Jin, and Andy), who are so far the longest-lived idol group in Korea, are to release their 11th studio album, titled “The Classic,” on May 16. It has been a year since the group’s 10th studio album, and that was after a four-year hiatus.

A staffer of the Shinhwa Company says: “This album was the result of working hard to add newness to Shinhwa’s original style. It includes not only dance songs such as only Shinhwa can do and which are representative of the group, but also other songs with popular appeal that are easy for anybody to enjoy. We did our best to make this their best album ever. Shinhwa will shoot a music video of the title song on May 1 and 2.”

In March, Shinhwa completed a series of concerts at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, marking the 15th anniversary of their debut. With the release of this album, Shinhwa will go on an Asian concert tour to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore and cities in Taiwan and Japan. An encore concert is also planned for Seoul.

The group recorded an episode of MBC’s Golden Fishery

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