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Yoo Ah In: “Sukjong is similar to me”

  • Yoon Sang Guen |입력 : 2013.03.27 07:00|조회 : 1002
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On the morning of March 27, actor Yoo Ah In expressed some of his thoughts about his role as Sukjong in the drama series Jang Okjeong, Live for Love (written by Choi Jung Mi, directed by Boo Sung Chul): “I didn’t want to miss the chance to play this character. There are analogies between the character and me, so I have an affinity with the role even though everyone tried to dissuade me from taking it. I am a little fatigued physically because I have to start filming the series right after finishing the movie Kkangcheoree.”


The director, Boo Sung Chul, says: “Yoo is a good actor who has the perfect look for the part and delivers his lines with exactly the right tone. He is the right person to play this character, and he will show the boy’s innocence with a charisma that will appeal to the viewers.”


The character Jang OkJeong (Jang Hee Bin) will be interpreted in a new way as a fashion designer of Joseon and will be shown making cosmetics in the Boyeomseo (the cosmetics manufacturing organization of Joseon).


The main members of the cast are Kim Tae hee, Yoo Ah In, Hong Su Hyun, Lee Sang Yeob, Jae hee, and Sung Dong il. The series is scheduled to begin airing on April 8.

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