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Tickets to CNBlue’s Hong Kong concert sold out in five minutes

  • Mun Wan-Sik |입력 : 2013.03.13 08:00|조회 : 751
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The rock band CNBlue (Jung Yong Wha, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Sin) achieved a new record by selling out their Hong Kong concert tickets in just five minutes. On the 12th of March, CNBlue’s agency, FNC entertainment, announced that all 7,000 tickets to the Hong Kong concert, which will be held on May 11 and is part of the group’s Asian tour, titled “Blue Moon,” sold out immediately after ticket sales began. This is regarded as a positive indicator of a successful tour. The agency also said, “We are raising our expectations for the success of the tour because we’ve already been receiving inquiries about ticket sales in Taiwan and Thailand, where we haven’t even started selling tickets yet.

The band will hold their concert in Taiwan on April 6, Singapore on April 13, Thailand on May 4, and Hong Kong on May 11, and will be back to perform for Korean fans on May 25 to 26 in Seoul.

The group will wrap up domestic activities for their new song “I’m sorry,” which they wrote themselves and which has gotten a very favorable response. They are now concentrating on the final rehearsals for the upcoming tour.

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