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Hyun Bin says, “I missed acting so much”

  • Ahn Yi-Seul |입력 : 2012.12.06 03:30|조회 : 1445
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Recently, actor Hyun Bin shed some tears talking about his strong desire to act. On December 6, Hyun Bin was discharged from the military service. In a resounding voice he talked about his thoughts upon his discharge. He said, “I really appreciate all the fans and the reporters for coming to see me in spite of the snowy weather. Twenty-one months ago, I promised that I would come out of the military as a stronger person. I think I’ve kept that promise because I feel that I’ve become stronger and more confident after serving in the Marine Corps. I was really thankful for your support and interest before I started my military service. Many people have supported and encouraged me even during my service.”

Hyun Bin also shed a few tears as he said, “I missed acting so much.” This made his fans sad and worried them because he choked up and unable to speak for a while. He finally continued, “I longed to act when I was watching other actors at work when I was on furlough because I couldn’t be part of it. I can now, but I want to prepare a lot before I actually start acting again. I’ve saved all the energy I’ve received from you, and I’ll return it to you soon.”

Hyun Bin joined the Marine Corps on March 7, 2011, and did his military service for 21 months. He received a lot of attention at that time by volunteering for the Marine Corps instead of just allowing himself to be drafted into the Army.

Hyun Bin’s announcement and interview with the media lasted for about ten minutes before he left to spend time with his family.


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