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Lee Yoon Ji dresses up as a beggar: “Not an ordinary one, but a pretty one!”

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Actress Lee Yoon Ji has changed into a “flower” beggar.

On November 14, the star tweeted, with attached photos, “My true identity, which I’ve been keeping to myself all along, is finally unveiled. I wanted to upload this after the broadcast, but oh well. On the day of shooting, the director wondered, ‘Who the heck is that beggar?’ Dancing and turning around, Banya replied, ‘I’m not just an ordinary beggar! I’m a pretty one!”

In the pictures, Lee’s face and head is covered with mud and dirt. It seems she is dressed up for her character Banya in SBS’s drama series The Great Seer, and she’s making people curious about the upcoming episode.

Lee inspired laughter by adding, “Are you guys curious about tonight’s episode of The Great Seer? Are you? If you are, pay me 500 won and I’ll tell you about it.”

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “That ‘flower’ beggar looks very pretty.” “Is she going through some adversity again in the episode?” “Lee’s shown her good sense of humor by making joke of her makeup.”

The actress is playing her role Banya passionately in SBS’s drama series The Great Seer.

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