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TVXQ’s Changmin shows off a mystical look in his teaser photo

  • Yun Seong Yeol |입력 : 2012.09.19 01:30|조회 : 573
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TVXQ are expected to show off an unconventional look for their new album.

On September 19, SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s agency, released a teaser photo of Changmin on TVXQ’s official website and Facebook account and SM Town’s website.

In the photo, Changmin is showing off a mystical, intense look. TVXQ will release all eleven tracks of their new album, including the lead track, “Catch Me,” on September 24 at noon on such online music sites as Melon and Naver Music.

“Catch Me” is a dance song, accompanied by a trendy electronic sound and a fancy orchestral melody. The song is about a man of great self-respect, who says good-bye to his lover but actually wants to hold her.

A spokesperson for TVXQ says, “TVXQ have attracted a lot of attention with their great performances every time. They have also prepared a charismatic, powerful performance this time. You’ll be able to see a performance that is musically and visually super.”

TVXQ’s new album will be released offline on September 26.

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