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Lee Min Ho makes a fresh resolution before his new drama series, Faith, starts airing

  • Choi BoRan |입력 : 2012.08.13 03:30|조회 : 1585
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Actor Lee Min Ho solidified his determination before his new drama series, Faith, starts airing.

In the new SBS TV series, which starts airing on August 13, Lee plays the role of General Choi Young.

Lee says, “Because I’ve done my best for last three months, I’ll just leave the rest to God’s will.” He also thanks his fans by saying, “Koreans live on rice, but I live on my fans.”

On August 9, Lee’s fans from 17 countries sent fifteen tons of rice to the place where a production report conference for Faith was being held. In addition, many fans are leaving cheering and encouraging messages on the official website of the series. Some messages have been read by over 50,000 people. Over 1,000 Chinese fans also donated 84,000 yuan (about 15 million won) to UNICEF, wishing the series success.

Such enthusiastic responses have resulted from Lee’s constant communication with his fans on such social networking sites as Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo. Lee currently has over 12 million friends online. It’s the largest number for all Korean celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

A spokesperson for Lee says, “On the day he attended a production report conference for Faith, he complied with his fans’ request for his autographs and snapshots with pleasure even after five hours of interviews. Even if he’s extremely tired, he always does his best and tries to do many things for his fans. He also often tells how he is doing on his social networking accounts and communicates with his fans.”

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