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CN Blue’s Min Hyuk successfully changes into a cute boy on My Husband Got a Family

  • Kim Soo Jin |입력 : 2012.05.13 13:20|조회 : 1262
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CN Blue’s drummer Min Hyuk is currently receiving favorable reviews from the viewers for his acting.

In KBS 2TV’s drama series My Husband Got a Family, Min Hyuk recently got laughs from the viewers by perfectly portraying a character who fears women who are older than him.

In the series, Min Hyuk is playing the role of playboy Cha Se Kwang. He’s usually chic and cool. However, whenever he sees his older sister Yoon Hee (played by Kim Nam Joo), he suddenly becomes her cute youngest brother.

In the 23rd episode of the series that aired on May 12, Yoon Hee chased Se Kwang by car. In the scene, Min Hyuk perfectly portrayed the character scared by his sister.

Min Hyuk is actually having a sister who is three years older than him. He says, “I was really afraid of my sister when I was a child. I think of that time a lot.”

Min Hyuk also says, “My sister is like a friend of mine now. We’re so close that there is no secret between us.”

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