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JYJ’s Jae Joong turns into Joseon’s charismatic military officer

  • Choi BoRan |입력 : 2012.02.21 04:00|조회 : 1002
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A new drama series Dr. Jin is expected to air in the first half of 2012. On February 21, the production team of the drama series announced that JYJ’s Jae Joong plays Kim Gyung Tak, a military officer of Joseon Dynasty.

Kim Gyung Tak is the highest-ranking military officer from a renowned military official family, generation after generation. He is a person of self reverence and high competitive spirit, but very devoted to only a woman.

Jae Joong made his impressive debut with SBS’s 2011 popular drama series Protect the Boss, but Dr. Jin will be his first challenge to appear in a historical drama series. Jae Joong is determined to display his dignified charismatic part with well-honed martial arts

His successful transformation into an actor turning from one of the most favored ‘idol’ singer in Asia surely is the focus of the people’s attention. That’s why his following step as an actor is drawing much attention both at home and Asian regions.

Dr. Jin is a historical medical drama series with special features: The best known doctor living in today’s Korea traces back to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s. Based on a Japanese hit comic book, which created a huge sensation when it was produced in a Japanese drama series in 2009, Dr. Jin is newly adjusted this time to Korea’s typical sentiment.

A representative of the production team says, “This will be a good chance for Jae Joong to reveal his different appeals from Protect the Boss. Please keep your interest and support for his challenge in this historical medical drama series.”

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