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Female quintet DSP Girls to debut in Korea and Japan

  • Lee Gyeong-Ho |입력 : 2012.01.31 17:20|조회 : 785
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A new girl group, tentatively named “DSP Girls,” is announcing its debut through an animated movie.

On January 31, DSP Media announced that they will soon reveal their new teenage female quintet DSP Girls through an animated movie, Pretty Rhythm, Dear My Future (Pretty Rhythm for the rest).

The DSP Girls were first introduced to the public at a production report conference of the TV movie, Pretty Rhythm, which took place at the Tokyo Industry and Trade Center on January 31. They performed KARA’s “Pretty Girl” and attracted attention from the Japanese press and people in the entertainment industry.

Pretty Rhythm starring the DSP Girls will air on TV Tokyo in April. They are expected to debut in Japan before Korea. The date for their debut in Korea will be decided depending on the future TV program schedules in Korea.

DSP Girls consist of Hae In (18 years old), Si Yoon, Chae Kyung, So Min (16 years old), and Jae Eun (14 years old). They are currently in the process of preparing for their debut and have also been cast for such TV commercials as Nintendo and Whisper.

A Japanese debut single album of the DSP Girls will be released in July because of the animated movie. Before the release, they will be introduced to the public on TV Tokyo in April.

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