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Park Si Hoo will appear in a large-scale music video

  • Park Young Woong |입력 : 2012.09.14 05:00|조회 : 647
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Actor Park Si Hoo will appear in a large-scale music video, in which two billion won is invested.

Park flies to Thailand on September 15 to shoot a music video, “Boy.” This music video will be shot in an action drama format with a story about a man who is in conflict with his father and stepbrother. It will also include a love story.

In this music video, a song sung by Park will be inserted. This 30-minute music video will be released as a DVD with some behind-the-scenes stories of the shooting in all Asian countries.

Park is planning to appeal to his female fans with a manly yet boyish look through action and romance scenes in the video.

Park says, “You’ll be able to see the exotic scenery of Thailand, romance, and action scenes in this music video. I wish I can show you different sides of me through this music video. Please look forward to it.”

Park’s music video will be directed by Chang, who made music videos for Naul, Big Mama, MC Mong, Jang Woo Hyuk, Clazziquai, Gummy, and SG Wannabe, and directed the film Death Bell.

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