EXIT Passes BP Point In 7 Days

  • 이소연 |2019.08.07 10:19
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The rise of the movie 'Exit' (director Lee Sang-geun) is not unusual. The movie has passed the breakeven point only after 7 days, topping box office for six consecutive days.

According to CJ Entertainment on August 6, 'Exit', which was released on the 31st of last month, mobilized 3.5 million audiences based on the integrated network of admission tickets for Korean Movie Committe. This surpassed the break-even point of 3.5 million on the seventh day of its release. 'Exit' is eye-catching in that it broke the break-even point among the first Korean films released in summer.

'Exit' was first in the box office, attracting 49,112 people on the first day. This is the best entertainment film ever, surpassing the opening score of 'The Extreme Job' (director Lee Byung-hun), which is 36,8582 people among the comedy movies. 

In addition, it has also passed 'Veteran' (Director Ryu Seung-wan)'s 414,219, 'Along with Gods' (Director Kim Yong-hwa)'s 406,365, and 'The Thieves' (Director Choi Dong-hoon)'s 436,464. 

Written by Kang Min Kyeong
Translated by Lee So Yun

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