Kim Seong Kyu, Lost 56KG for Serial Killer Role

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South Korean actor Kim Seoung Kyu has revealed that he shed off some weight to 56 Kg to play a serial killer 'K'.

On May 15, Kim had an interview with STARNEWS in a cafe in Samchungdong, Seoul, Korea on his latest movie 'The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil'. 

The movie 'The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil' describes a story of a gangster boss (Ma, Dong Seok) and a dogged investigator in Homicide Department teaming up to find a serial killer known as 'K.'

He says that "As there are three main characters in the movie including Ma Dong Seok, Kim Moo Yeol and Me, I had a feeling of pressure to balance with them visually. So I tried to lose some weight. I weighted 56 Kg. I would just go without eating and after shooting I would eat. Then, I exercise a lot 4 days before shooting, and so on."

"K is a person who is not often seen in the real world and I was not convinced even I took the role. I would think what kind of things this person would go through and trust. I kept thinking. It is not that the I've gotten an answer for it but I put lots of efforts while director trusted me", he added. 

Written by Kim Mi Hwa
Translated by Lee So Yun


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