Recap: Seolhyun, Diet? Noodle Is Always Right!

  • 이소연 |2018.06.11 10:42


Seollhyun of the girl group AOA has expressed her penchant for noodle in Switzerland.

In a reality program JTBC's 'Around the World Travel: Package Tour' aired on 10th, members went to the Alps in Switzerland.
In the previous filming, Seolhyun went on his first package tour with Kim Yong-man and three other members. Before the trip, Seolhyun said "I have brought diet foods because I am preparing a comeback", which made a headline.

But on the 4th day of the package trip, something happened that broke down Seolhyun's firm willingness for the diet: Korean ramen was sold at the summit of the Alps.

Members found Seolhyun her eyes glued on people eating ramen and asked, "You don't eat noodles, you are on diet, aren't you?"

However, Sulhyeon responded to the members quickly, "Ramen is for sure." The members were saying, "This is the first time you have seen so much determined."

Written by Im Joo Hyeon
Translated by Lee So Yun

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