Ballad Change 4 Minute, Took Off Sexy Images and Wore Winter Sensitivity

  • Kim Mihwa |2015.01.26 13:11
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/ photo = ‘Cube Entertainment’

Girl group ’4 Minute’ (‘Nam Ji-Hyun’, ‘Huh Ga-Yoon’, ‘Jeon Ji-Yoon’, ‘Kim Hyun-Ah’, ‘Kwon So-Hyun’) took off their sexy images for the moment and showed a ballad filled with winter sensitivity.

At noon of 26th, ’4 Minute’ released their ballad title song [Cold Rain] through online music websites. At the same time, they released the music video of [Cold Rain] on official ’4 Minute’ youtube channel.

This is ’4 Minute’s’ first comeback with ballad title song since their debut. [Cold Rain], which was released on that day, shows main vocal ‘Huh Ga-Yoon’s’ soft yet captivating voice. Also, emotional rap by ‘Kim Hyun-Ah’ and ‘Kwon So-Hyun’ go well with this dramatic song, so the song can really catch your ears while listening.

‘Huh Ga-Yoon’ especially shows off her clean and captivating voice through this new song [Cold Rain]. Additionally, two lead vocals: ‘Jeon Ji-Yoon’ and ‘Nam Ji-Hyun’ adds their colors to the song with characterful voices

Reporter: Kim Mi-Hwa
Translator : Cho Ah-Ra

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