SNSD Taeyeon’s biological brother sends a message of encouragement, “I trust in you 200%”

  • |2012.01.30 13:40

A post written by SNSD Taeyeon’s biological brother is creating a stir.

Recently on an online community board, a post that Taeyeon’s biological brother Kim Ji Woong(25 years old) wrote titled, ‘Picture of Taeyeon’s biological brother, good-looking and caring.’ was uploaded with a picture.

Thanks to the picture that was uploaded, Kim’s cute and handsome appearance is attracting many netizens’ attention.

Not only that, what Kim wrote as a brother is attracting attention as well.

Kim reveals, “You were so mature and was like a big sister to me after middle school. Not only that, your determination was that of a professional. Your upright and easy going mind always made me bow my head to you.”

He continues, “I trust in you 200%. I know you’ll do everything well because you’re my little sister. Our family is always here for you. I love you.”

Netizens showed various responses by saying: “Not only is he good looking but he’s so caring.” “Now I know why Taeyeon’s so upright and loved by everyone.” “I wish I had a brother like that.”

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